by Maureen Moss at The World Puja Network (

Beloved Hearts,

Have you heard me tell you today, that I love you? I do. There has never been a human like you, not once and not ever on your Planet of Earth. What a blessing you are.

You have often said you are spirit having a human experience and I am telling you that that former identity no longer suits you. You are spirit having a spiritual experience in the form of a human being. And as such, I Am about to experience the time on your Earth that I have waited a very long time for, and so are you.

I know that many of you are tentative as you watch the familiar fade from sight. Fear not my children, the fruit of your earthly experience was always meant to emerge at the end of your journey with your human nature, much like the end of the journey for a caterpillar, before it mutates and turns into a butterfly. Many of you are about to change irrevocably, including changing your DNA (because you are able) and to scale what once seemed insurmountable to your former selves. Many of you are in for the surprises and gifts of your life, if you are willing to listen deeply to the promptings of your Soul and take action.

During this time of great change Beloveds, place with intention into my hands any fears you may have and then gently surrender. Ask me to help you transform your fear into confidence, and then follow my lead as I usher you forward. Follow my lead as I help you re-mind your mind, and inflame your heart. Don’t forget we are partners in your awakening. As you awaken, you awaken more parts of Me in you. You will feel My stirrings in your heart. Sit with me awhile. Talk with me awhile, and I will talk with you. We will talk Truth you and I.

Many of you have questioned when you will awaken fully, or if you will awaken fully. Let me tell you Beloveds when awakening occurs. It occurs when your soul has become satiated with material living and is prompted, by a deep inner urge, to discover deeper truths about your identity.

It occurs when you become bold enough to run away from your thoughts about how you should live and choose, from your heart, how you will live moment by moment.

It occurs when you become fascinated with the mystery of life once again, undaunted by the logical mind, much like a child fascinated with a polka-dotted ladybug crawling up its arm.

It comes when the Light of your Soul begins to penetrate your personality, and its egoic needs. Your Soul has no interest in the dramas and illusions of your worldly plane. It is your Soul that is toppling whatever illusions are still in your life, and running your life. It is doing so to make room for itself to fully enter the temple of your being that houses your life and Me.

There is nothing happening to you from outside of you, believe it, Beloveds. You are not a victim of anything. Everything concerning your life is being initiated from within you, and on purpose. Please pay attention. You are being led to a glorious place.

Remember I Am here with you, as One with you. Close your eyes, tap on your heart and feel my stirrings. Talk to Me and listen to Me as We beckon your Soul back to where it belongs.

Your Soul has waited a long time to take its rightful place inside of your Life. It needs nothing from the world external. It uses the world external only as a place to play out passion, to give and receive love and to be in service.

The very purpose of your human existence Beloveds is the evolution of your Soul. Daily, your soul literally fights on your behalf and against your lower natures to establish itself inside of you.

When you feel internal agitation it is your Soul rubbing up against your personality and mortal mind committed to outshining both; not so far different than the pearl in the oyster that is agitated by grains of sand to emerge as a beautiful jewel.

While this phenomena is taking place in this very moment it requests your support. Your Soul asks that you deny poverty consciousness, regardless of external appearances. You are not the world economy so please don’t claim it as your burden or identify yourself with it. You are rich beyond measure. Seek your riches and they will flourish.

Your Soul asks that you embrace yourself once and for all with a full heart. It asks that you no longer deny your wholeness, because of what you perceive are your imperfections. You have no imperfections. You are a masterpiece in process, much like a piece of fine art. Allow the process Beloveds don’t judge each stroke of the brush.

You are made in the image and Likeness of Me. Perfect. There is nothing wrong with you that a strong dose of Self-love will not correct.

Your Soul asks that you practice peaceful action, not reaction. Further yet, practice noticing, just noticing, and then make your peaceful moves from there. Your Soul thrives in a state of stability and balance.

It asks that whenever you are afraid, that you face the thoughts that created your fears and ask yourself if that is the truth that just visited you. And if it’s not, and you will know, because you will feel it in your body, surrender your wrong mindedness to Me and I will bring you Truth. Listen.

If you are wondering where to put your next foot, don’t wonder. Instead wander into the Mystery with Me. Let us play on this path of fascination and wonder that spirals you upward leaving the mundane and predictable behind.

Let the Mystery of your new reality shape itself without your control and free you from survivalist mentality. Give yourself a chance to thrive not merely survive. You are able to do so without a dime spent. You will breathe a breath of Creation like you never have before when you find yourselves no longer tethered to survival, never again having to control and maneuver and manipulate your every turn in your life.

Your key is to learn to rest in silence for more than a moment so you are able to hear Me speak and feel the Truth that you are not alone and you are being guided every step of your way.

Every one of your Souls, in all of its glory is anxiously waiting to play spiritual human with you. Put down your books, let your intellect rest, refrain from knowing anything and just open your hearts and go play with your Souls.

Let your Soul in. Let your lower human nature expire. You are safe. I will never forsake you. I cannot. You and I can never be parted. Remember, I am the only umbilical cord that has ever been attached to you that has never been severed. Remember. And remember what that means to you.

I love you and I need you to love you right now. It is your love for Self, Soul and Me that will get you through the eye of the needle, from one world to the next, intact.

You are the One you have been waiting for Beloveds. You’ve heard this before, please hear it deeply and don’t negotiate with it’s meaning. Let your true Self in and let’s play on purpose.

Copyright 2009, Maureen Moss





Spiritual Healing


 Born in Gdansk, Poland, on May 31, 1906, Groening became a sensation in postwar Germany in 1949 after the successful healing of a young boy, Dieter Huelsmann, who suffered from muscular dystrophy. As many as 5,000 people gathered in front of the Huelsmann family home, and many thousands more gathered in numerous places thereafter to hear Groening speak and to receive a healing.

Thousands Throng for Healing

What happened was deeply moving. In a country where signs of destruction were everywhere, mass gatherings called “armies of the wretched” were reportedly transformed. The sick became well, the suffering happy, the lame could suddenly walk again and the blind could see. People who had seemed defeated and beyond help thronged to Groening for help, and “what had been unimaginable before was suddenly becoming a reality.”

Media coverage was controversial, and public opinion varied widely. Some called Groening a ‘miracle doctor,’ others a ‘charlatan.’ He had no medical training nor theological education. “”I am not to understand by mind, just by heart,” Groening stated. He helped anyone who asked and refused all payment. The only thing he asked for was a written report of the healing.

Groening kept saying: “It is not me who does heal; it is the Divine force that helps and heals. This Divine power is free of charge, costs nothing at all and can be used by anybody…. I am not telling you anything new.”

Groening taught that the human body is constantly environed by healing waves which only have to be absorbed and that, like batteries, our bodies require this energy. When depleted, the body experiences fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness, anxieties and finally, illness. He constantly talked about the Divine force, life force, healing stream – or Heilstrom*, as he termed it-that anybody could take in easily. According to him, no illness is incurable, and this has been confirmed.

Doctors witnessed several astonishing healings during a medical assessment of Groening’s talents that was carried out in collaboration with the University Clinic of Heidelberg (under Prof. von Weizsaecker, published by the Revue, 1949.)

In 1992, the Medical Scientific Group was founded in order to substantiate these healings. It includes several thousand physicians, psychologists, healing practitioners and representatives from other health-care professions in 60 countries. The Medical Scientific Group collects, verifies and documents testimonials. They have compiled an impressive list of case histories (see website next page).

Lecture Events Coming to Our Region

Before his death in 1959, Groening helped in creating groups of people to gather and absorb the healing stream on their own. 1979 saw the founding of “Bruno Gröning’s Circle of Friends,” which passes on his teachings and reports of miracle healings of almost every imaginable illness continue to occur. As of 2002, more than 1,200 such groups meet worldwide to take up the Heilstrom* together.

Absorbing the Heilstrom*

In a quiet room, sit on a chair, free of the backrest if possible, both feet on the floor, and open hands palms-up on your thighs. Do not cross legs or arms. Open your heart and mind and ask for the energy to come. Think of something pleasant and positive (i.e. a beautiful landscape, a happy event…) Disengage all negative thoughts-of illness and worries.

The Heilstrom*  moves into the body via our antennas-our hands, feet and head, and can completely fill it with new energy. Sit and absorb the energy daily, even if for just 15 minutes,for health maintenance and longer for healing.

Heilstrom* generates a “process of purification,” which Groening called Regelungen* . A Regelung* can last for weeks, months and sometimes years. It depends on how serious the illness is, how far a person can open up to the Divine energy and the influence of surroundings. It may be experienced as pain, tickling in parts ofthe body, warmth or cold areas, swollen limbs or by emotions. If you need to weep or laugh, then let it happen. These sensations are temporary.

 Positive Thoughts Only

According to reports, once you have absorbed the Heilstrom*, it is very important to give up the illness in your mind, and don’t pay any attention to it any more. Most importantly, stop believing in the illness. Focus your complete attention on the healing. Believe that whatever you feel in your body belongs to the healing, not any more to the illness!

Groening said, “Thoughts are energies which will come true! If now you take up the firm intent in your mind to regain your health and the belief that this is possible with God’s help, you have built up the right mental attitude for healing to begin.”

Groening always invited people to convince themselves of the truth, with their own bodies. “Watch carefully if you feel the Heilstrom*, if Regelungen* occurs or if you just feel better after regularly taking up the energy.” It is claimed that improvement in all areas of life occur from regular absorption of this Divine energy.

See website: from which this article was excerptedand adapted. For information on the locations and times ofthe US lectures, also see: Note, this article is not intended to be medical advice. If you have a health condition, consult within and with your regular practitioner before beginning any new practice.

“While much is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened. “

-Thomas Hardy

THERE IS NO INCURABLE – German doctors hold lectures about inconceivable healings – Teachings of Bruno Groening – medically verifiable.

You can experience the healing force.

Lecture in Asheville at The Cathedral of all Souls @ 3 Angle Street, Biltmore Village, Asheville NC 28803, October 18, 7 pm. For Information: – go to USA/Canada lecture series 2006. Local Contact: Mrs. Shelton, 828-452-5518.




~ by Ker Cleary

Greetings, Dear Ones….

It is popular at the moment to bemoan the state of the economy, the financial and emotional upheaval that seems to be everywhere. I find myself wondering how to make use of this in my spiritual practice, and how to use the rampant fear and anxiety to develop compassion and wisdom.

Bernard Madoff stole billions of dollars from people who trusted him. We respond in various ways to the story. Some of us who think those people who gave Madoff their money were stupid, or greedy, or got what they deserved. We reject them. We reject Madoff, and feel angry with him for hurting people. Some of us grow frightened about our won money, and worried that our financial people are cheating us. We try to figure out how to keep our money safe, to hang on to it. We worry about spending or buying. Some of us couldn’t care less. Those people, that amount of money? We can’t relate. We barely know, maybe haven’t even heard of Bernie Madoff. We are really noticing that stuff. Life goes on.

These are a few examples of reasonable, ordinary human responses. These and most of our habitual responses, fall into three categories, known as the three poisons: rejecting, grasping and ignoring. That is pretty much how we humans react to our perceptions of the world. If you observe your mind closely, you will see this is true. It is also no big deal. The only problem with responding habitually is that we miss out on the real experience: the opportunity to connect deeply with ourselves and each other.

The ‘poisons’ are also medicine and hold the key to their antidotes. Each of them is a clue to how we can deepen our relationship with the world as it is, how to open our hearts. Each time we notice ourselves rejecting an experience, thinking we should be feeling differently than we are, or believing things should be happening some other way, this is our opportunity to  practice patience. We could remember to bring compassion and friendly curiosity to the moment.

When we find ourselves trying to cling and protect what we like and hope to keep forever, this is our signal to offer up generosity, to cultivate contentment, to rest at ease. When we notice – and we do notice eventually as it is our nature to be aware – that we are in denial or ignoring what is happening around or within us, this is a chance to realize our innate wisdom, the insightful and awake qualities we carry within us, everywhere we go.

We can use these moments of aversion, attachment and ignorance to remind us to empathize and feel compassion. To fully feel how scary it is to lose all that money, how painful to have one’s trust destroyed, how frightening to walk around in a bullet-proof vest because your actions caused people such pain they might want to kill you. To wonder, is it a relief to be found out and stopped? To wonder what it might be like to (perhaps) be resting in security, only to have it fall apart in seconds.

We could allow ourselves to feel the pain of the whole situation, up to and including the pain of hoping for any kind of security in this life, while knowing – and seeing it demonstrated – that it can’t really be found. This is a difficult task. We might prefer to keep our judgement and illusion, to remove ourselves and run and hide. But we’d miss out. For these are the times we have an opportunity to connect with the deepest heart of humanity.

Everyone is looking for the same things: happiness, peace, safety. We all want love and to be loved. We cannot hope to accomplish any of this with our minds cast down and our hearts clamped shut. We can only hope to touch these things, these common goals, by breathing in and breathing out, noticing we are breathing and so is everyone else.

We can notice our thoughts and feelings, our judgments and preferences, our stances and habits and reactions, and we can meet them with open, honest curiosity. We can look behind those habitual, automatic responses and wonder what it is like to be connected to all those other beings on the planet, every single one.

Breathe in the suffering we each know, breathe out the wish to end suffering and let our hearts crack open together. As Leonard Cohen noted, that’s how the light gets in.

Ker Cleary, M.A. is a counselor in private practice in Eugene, Oregon. Trained in Contemplative Psychotherapy, she helps people discover friendship with themselves as the path to healing. For more information, call (541) 349-0595 or visit May all beings benefit. The above article is a reprint of Ker’s ‘The Doorknob Gazette’, Spring Equinox 2009.

Photograph by Sumitra D’Aragon



by Crista Hope  2007  –  Santa Fe, NM






From the point of Light within the Mind of God, let Light stream forth into human minds. Let Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God, let Love stream forth into human hearts. May the coming One return to Earth. From the center where the Will of God is known, let purpose guide all little human wills, the purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the Human race, let the Plan of Love and Light work out and may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light, Love and Power restore The Plan on Earth.


“We must continue to open in the face of tremendous opposition. No one is encouraging us to open and still we must peel away the layers of the heart”

~Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

“Love is everything it is cracked up to be. It is really worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is if you don’t risk everything, your risk even more.”

~Erica Jong

photograph by Sumitra D'Aragon


By Sumitra D’Aragon

Flower essences help us to recover our innate relationship to our Higher Self, our environment and the Universe. The sages say  we are already whole, enlightened and liberated – the only problem is we forget. Although inconceivable on a bad day in traffic, they say not only are we whole,  in reality every lake, table, galaxy, puppy, computer, tire, Twinkie, and yes, flower, exists within what the Taoists call the Inner Universe – inside of us.”We” are that big, that boundless and vast, and yet we don’t know it.

Everything that we can experience through our senses (and everything else) is made of energy that vibrates at a unique frequency. Flower essences carry such frequencies that help re-knit our consciousness with the greater Whole by helping us to drop the illusions that keep us from the Truth. Broadly speaking, each flower carries a certain energy that helps corrects our perception of separateness while honoring each stage of our evolutionary journey toward the blissful re-mergence with Totality.

           Being at least half Buddhist, I will agree there is no identifiable “I”, but only a conglomerate of parts that for the time being, function along with a unique Ray of Cosmic Intelligence (or fractal of Buddha-Mind) we call “me”. For instance, as “I” write this, the writer feels centered and focused and doing a heck of a job ignoring another part of me that is totally freaked out and overwhelmed by a project I am working on, while yet another part of “me” is kicking back and watching the two dance….  The refraction of consciousness goes on and on like a disco party in a House of Mirrors.

As each Cosmic Ray reaches into the earth plane it  splinters off into a multitude of polarities, which is often mistaken for “me”. Self -identifications are often born of seemingly irreconcilable differences we experienced throughout our life, or lives. For instance, if you were picked on a child for being “too smart” one may end up hiding behind a mask of shyness and eventually begin to take it on as a focal point of the personality, thinking – “it’s who I am!”.

The purpose of all this? For God (whatever that means), to ultimately fulfill and know Itself by pretending to be what it is not  for a while (Even though it is that too!). I am not sure if the Buddhists believe in that part but the Hindus do and they call it “Leela”. It is indeed the ultimate game of hide and seek– God losing Itself then seeking to find itself again. Yes, somehow even my recent $1000 car repair bill and the ensuing 5-day depression fits into the Cosmic Game. (Maybe She found Itself under a burned out ignition coil!)

            “We” are that process. We are God stumbling in the dark, stubbing our toes and doing our best to have a good time while we are at it. It’s actually kinda of funny if you squint your eyes.

            Here is where vibrational medicine comes in handy: through the spiritual law of resonance, “we”  – as the amnesiastic child of Cosmic Mind – can access different vibrations to ‘help’ us remember Who We Are. Flowers essences especially help by lifting us out of the energy of specific polarities back into working  more in alignment with the supra consciousness of our Higher Self / the Whole. Flowers are unique in their in terms of evolution in that they are a plant’s fullest expression of its unique Creative Essence. Flowers don’t apologize, attach, divide, judge or differentiate, they just Are. They gift us with helping us to find the Transcendent Point between two polarities.

Each flower carries a medicine of the integration of two opposites.  The divine Consciousness in ourselves will respond to a request for healing when we ingest, or “receive” a flower essence. Through the spiritual law of resonance our ‘soul’ – intermediary between the Higher Self and the personality – attunes to the flower’s spiritual vibration which initiates an alchemical process of clearing out that which stands in the way of  embodying that particular desired state of Wholeness. By integrating the positive qualities of a particular flower, balance is achieved between the two aspects of the polarity and we can begin to look at a particular dynamic with renewed perspective, understanding and compassion = ingredients that transform our experience. This whole process culminates with a sense of mastery in ordinary consciousness which is improves the quality of our lives and reduces suffering. In this way, flowers help us to Evolve Spiritually (‘to Remember’) in a grounded way.

            Encoded in flowers is the memory of states of Wholeness and they are gifts scattered all over the planet just waiting for us to find them! For as many subparts, feeling states, neurosis, traumas etc., we may have, there is an ally. To me, working with flower essences is like participating in a treasure hunt – only the booty is Me (notice the capital!:)



Multimedia Collage By Nina Ross – Santa Fe, New Mexico

“In the background of this image is a ruined building. It is ironic to me that the name of the building, as it once was, is called Amnesia (it was a nightclub in italy, actually). What in our culture is ruined and forgotten and where do we go unconscious?

In the foreground of the image is an indigenous woman who is a healer. She helps to redeem what has been ruined. She holds a human being up to the fire in order to cleanse and purify it. She comes out of an open pomegranate, a symbol of the underworld. What are the mysteries that she knows? It is ancient medicine.”

Nina S Ross is a practicing psychotherapist, art therapist and artist:

‘My background and training is in Archetypal Psychology. I studied Archetypal Psychology with James Hillman and others in the field beginning in 1983. Archetypal Psychology has its roots in Jungian Psychology. My training included working with dreams and metaphor, as well as art, enabling me to explore in depth both the creative and turbulent movements of Psyche. I have a deep regard for “soul work” and trust in the healing process as it unfolds uniquely for each individual.’

She can be contacted and her art purchased through her website at .




 an excerpt from

“Journey to the Fifth World: Coming Full Circle in Healing and Transformation”

~ by Michele Ama Wehali, 


    According to the Mayan Calendar, time will stop as we know it on Winter Solstice in December of 2012. We are being given a chance to evolve out of the time and space limitations of the third dimension. The way it is was explained to me by a Mayan Elder, is that this is not the end of the World, but the end of life as we know it; that this next Era is a way of being that we have never experienced before. The past Great Cycle we have been living in is a time of learning through the Nine Underworlds. These nine levels have to do with facing energies such as greed, self-importance, selfishness, and judgment, to name a few; the World of our Shadow side and the rule of the Ego.  


     In the next Great Cycle, we get to experience the Thirteen Upperworlds, a much more divinely connected dimension. This is where we may get the chance to experience a true “Garden of Eden” where we become much more conscious co-creators of our reality, remembering that the Creator is everywhere, within and without. We get to heal the distortions of what has been created. The year 2012 is the arrival of the Fifth Balam, where the union of all races, the fusion of the polarities and the presence of a unified field of energy created by the presence of the “Fifth Element” Ether (Spirit in Matter), will be present. Polarity is the force or magnetic dance of energies that have sustained the physical reality of matter in the Third Dimension, where humanity has been living in duality. The Fifth Balam will herald in the time of a chance for a more evolved humanity to be birthed. This date begins the possibility of a Great Cycle of wisdom, harmony, peace, love, of consciousness and the return of natural order. This doesn’t occur overnight, but has Cycles of preparatory initiations to assist us to resolve the old way of being.


    We are presently in the transitional period where it is becoming difficult to accept the ways of this last Cycle, as well as confusing to know how to relate to the energies into which we are moving. The rules are changing and we are not quite sure what the new guidelines are. It is the time of purification where our beliefs and concepts about what constitutes reality will be turned upside down. It is the time where we will be pushed to the edge of emotional, physical and psychological pain to resolve the places of un-love and judgment in ourselves and in our lives. We are being asked to operate from a much more divinely aware part of our beings and to trust and connect to our divine selves.


     A twenty-five year period of purification began in August of 1987, during what is known as the Harmonic Convergence. At this time, the new consciousness needed to start gradually awakening humanity to bring in the “Fifth Sun”, began showering down on us, from the core of the galaxy through the inner Sun, or Fire within the Earth. Since then, there has been a high level of disturbance in the Earth’s core, as she adjusts to the higher vibration (earthquakes, changes in weather, etc). It is ever increasing as we get closer to the time when the doorway is wide open, December 21st, 2012. There will be vortexes of great intensity that our Planet will be spiraling in and out of, giving us a chance to work with the Fifth Dimensional frequencies. Our Sun is increasingly exhibiting solar flares in response to the intensity of the heavenly Light that will be joining with the Light from deep within the Earth. There has also been a greater feeling of unrest and unease in humanity in response to these energies, as we are pushed to our limits in order to complete the lessons and change the ensuing patterns of the Cycle we are leaving. At this time all Worlds are coming together to give us a chance to be bathed and reborn in spiritual Love and Light.


    To the Q’ero, the descendants of the Inca of Peru, we are moving towards the Great Cycle of the Taripay Pacha, the “Age of Meeting Ourselves Again”, a Golden Age during which we can step more fully into our energetic spiritual bodies. Connecting to these most important unseen energies that make up a human, is a way in which Ether, Spirit in Matter, will be consciously embodied. Many techniques and processes on how to work with the spiritually unseen forces are appearing and being shared within the human experience. Some examples of techniques useful in assisting us to connect with the not-so-easily-seen-with-the naked-eye World of spiritual energy and guides are: Shamanic Practices, Reiki, Chi Gong, Chakra clearing, Light Body and DNA Activation and Breath Work, to name but a few. It is becoming more natural for people to acknowledge and work with these energies. We are being asked to learn how to bring more awareness and connection to Spirit and to the subtle energies of life. 


    According to the Q’ero we are living in the midst of a nineteen year period during which humanity has the potential to establish our own spiritual evolution. According to their prophecies we have gone through a pachakuti, an overturning of space time, beginning somewhere around 1990 to 1993, where a cosmic reordering with human consciousness and the creative force of the cosmos occurred. This has provided humanity a chance to evolve rapidly and affect positively the outcome of the future. They call this the “Fifth Level” of human consciousness manifest on Earth. The understanding is that many Paqos, spiritual seekers, of any ethnic heritage or cultural or religious background, are needed to raise the vibrational energy of humanity to the level required to complete transformation. This process of emergence and transformation is available to all people. Many prophecies of Earth changes have stated there would be much worse devastation than has already occurred, around the turn of the century. It is possible that because of the “consciousness awakening” that is growing around the globe, we may have alleviated some of the severity of the destruction that we would have experienced without it. However it is obvious with the catastrophes still occurring, our work is far from over.


Michele Ama Wehali is an author, psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner and ceremonialist, who has been practicing alternative forms of support and healing for twenty years.  Her book, Journey to the Fifth World: Coming full Circle in Healing and Transformation is available through her website.    

She is available to assist individuals and groups in navigating through these challenging and evolutionary times. Check out her website or email to find out about shamanic healing sessions by phone as well as groups and workshops.

Michele lives on 12 powerful acres east of Santa Fe, New Mexico.